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Who Can Volunteer?
Our volunteer program is open to anyone with a sense of compassion, a desire to spend time around children, and a modicum of humor. We welcome individuals and couples of all ages, plus families with teenage children. Participants should be healthy for travel, and tolerant of less than stellar living conditions and amenities. We prefer that you have a skill or a focus but no experience is necessary. Volunteer opportunities can be organized for community, school, or corporate groups.

our history

The foundation was formed in 2009 with the aim of helping vulnerable children (many of whom are street children) and those coming from the poorest families in the community to become skilled, productive, and self-sustainable and overcome poverty through skills empowerment for social transformation.

The founder of Saved By Music Foundation, Kyewalyanga Fredrick, having been a street child himself knows firsthand the pain and burden of having to live with the uncertainty of not knowing where the next meal would come from, the uncertainty of not knowing whether he would get an education and also how easy it was to get abused when a child is out on the streets alone and afraid.

While other children simply run away from their homes because of abuse related to alcoholism and other substance abuse, others are made homeless after one or both of their parents die of diseases like AIDS, Malaria, and others.

Something needed to be done urgently because the numbers were increasing weekly and the organizations that provide help were not keeping up with the growing numbers of street children so Saved By Music Foundation was formed with a mandate of using music as a tool to rescue, resettle and rehabilitate this children.

the band

Elgon Youth Brass Band was formed in 2009 by a former street boy with a mission of using music to save street children and reduce their numbers on the streets of Mbale and provide opportunities to them through music.

Saved by music foundation provides a safe haven for children while also preparing them for their future through education and mentoring. Music is the heart and the main source of income for the foundation. All children are encouraged to join the brass band or other performing groups like the acrobatics team and the cultural group.

Life Skills are key ingredients that help these marginalized children to build a better future. Saved by music foundation therefore strives to give all the children the opportunity to attend school and at our premises, they are consistently providing additional programs including arts and crafts, hygiene education, musical tutoring, and more.

the dance

KOONA TROUPE is one of our dance activities famous for exhibiting more than two dances styles from all regions of the country colorfully decorated and magnificent custom designed to amplify the dance movements. The success in forming the troupe was backed by the excellent ability to organize and set up a well-organized group of talented, disciplined and energetic youths. Since its formation, the troupe has only been able to exist due to its strongly rooted foundation from the founders.