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Restoring Lost Hopes

Street Children

Homelessness is one of the biggest problems facing Uganda and Mbale is no exceptional. When you stroll through the streets of Mbale, you find a lot of street children who call it home. Children end up in streets due different reasons, which may include; mistreatment at home, losing parents, peer influence, negligence and many more.
A lot of individuals and organizations have come up over time, to try and help these children. Among them is us SAVED BY MUSIC FOUNDATION. We pick kids from streets, give them shelter, food and help them off drugs. We do this by exploring their talents through teaching them how to play different musical instruments. This in turn helps to restore hope and give them a future to work for.
Some of these children have grown up to become prominent musical instrument players. Some have joined music and others have formed or joined state bands. All thanks to the Saved through music.