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Advocacy for the disadvantaged population to be heard, Saved By Music Foundation has taken up the mantle of raising the voice of the voiceless in influencing government policy in relation to positive living for children service provision. Saved By Music Foundation speaks out for and acts on behalf of young positives to influence policies in order to protect their rights. This is aimed at advancing the children’s own views and wishes at the district and national levels. This enables the young positives and the street children to take on more responsibility and control the decisions which affect their lives.

SMF program areas of intervention and strategic objectives (SOs). Consequently, SMF adopted a strategic decision to widen its scope of interventions during the 2022/2026 strategic planning period.

instruments donation appeal

The purpose of Saved By Music Foundation, is to give underserved children the opportunity to engage musically and artistically through our programs while reinforcing the need to stay in school and focus on their education and their future. If you have a musical instrument or know of someone and a band that has instruments they are not using, they can donate them to our foundation and we will put it to good use. We have coordinators around the World. Let us know and our coordinators will collect them for us.

Child Protection and support Programme

  • Legal aid and child protection Drawing from SMF’s previous experiences, was realized that social and cultural factors within the communities significantly contribute to child abuse. Under this programme, SMF implements interventions that minimize cases of child abuse with specific focus on community sensitization on Child Rights. These include legal aid in child protection and early child hood development. The services cover in school and out of school youths. The purpose is to combat cultural and religious beliefs that promote child abuse which include sexual abuse, child neglect, teenage pregnancy and STDs and HIV/AIDS.
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children support
    Under this programme area, SMF provides Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and young positives with educational support, psychosocial counseling, skills based training and income generating activities. This approach is intended to make the young positives self-reliant and contribute towards household income and welfare.


The Elgon Youth Brass Band, was started in 2009 by a former street boy with a mission of using music to save street children and reduce their numbers on the streets of Mbale and to provide opportunities to them through music.

Saved by music foundation provides a safe haven for children while also preparing them for their future through education and mentoring. Music is the heart and the main source of income for the foundation. All children are encouraged to join the brass band or other performing groups like the acrobatics team and the cultural group.

Life Skills are key ingredients that help these marginalized children to build a better future. Saved by music foundation therefore strives to give all the children the opportunity to attend school and at our premises they are consistently providing additional programs including arts and crafts, hygiene education, musical tutoring and more.


KOONA TROUPE is one of our dance activities famous for exhibiting more than two dances styles from all regions of the country colorfully decorated and magnificent custom designed to amplify the dance movements. The success in forming the troupe was backed by the excellent ability to organize and set up a well-organized group of talented, disciplined and energetic youths. Since its formation, the troupe has only been able to exist due to its strongly rooted foundation of the founder.

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Namaganda Mirembe

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