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Child Protection

Child Protection and support Programme

This programme area provides two key services to the youths namely;

1. Legal aid and child protection

Drawing from SBMF’s experiences, we realized that social and cultural factors within the communities significantly contribute to child abuse. Under this programme, SBMF implements interventions that minimize cases of child abuse with specific focus on community sensitization on Child Rights. These will include legal aid in child protection and early child hood development. The services will cover in school and out of school youths. The purpose is to combat cultural and religious beliefs that promote child abuse which include sexual abuse, child neglect, teenage pregnancy and STDs and HIV/AIDS.

2. Orphans and Vulnerable Children support

Under this programme area, SBMF provides Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and young positives with educational support, psychosocial counseling, skills based training and income generating activities. This approach is intended to make the young positives self-reliant and contribute towards household income and welfare